Athirasam/ Ariselu / Aathirasallu For ICC

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Athirasam/ Ariselu / Aathirasallu is one of the age old sweets you can find during Deepavali, it is also a must as during Iyer marriages. I ate them a lot during my childhood days, attending marriages especially of uncles and aunts. There are lots of sweets and savory that are made as a part of ‘Seeru” (bride will take along with her while going to husband home for first time). I loved to eat a lot of sweets at that time. My grandma used to make really good adhirasam. However, amma did not like to experiment on anything; she would say that these are usually made by experts, so she won’t venture into it.

Srivalli announced this month’s Indian cooking challenge will be making Athirasm/Ariselu, I was happy to give it a try and skeptical as usual as I don’t know if this age old sweet is going to make me crazy (as I could not get it right) or happy. However the athirasam that I made turned out to be really yummy and tasty. I followed the second recipe, as Srivalli suggested and those came as crisp. Next time I will try the other version, to make soft original athirasam. We enjoyed eating them.
what you need:

Rice Flour – 1cup and 2 tablespoon
Jaggary – 1/2 cup
Coconut grated – 1Tablespoon
Cardamom powder – Grounded 2 cardmom
Water – 1/2 cup
Sesame seeds – 1 Tablespoon
Canola Oil: 3 cup

How I made:

Soak rice for 6 hrs and then shade dry it.

Meaning it should not become dry but should still have some wetness in the rice. Grind this to fine powder using blender.

The rice flour should have that texture of soft and wet feeling when you take a handful and also it should kind of retain your fist shape. This is very important because if the flour is very dry it wouldn’t turn out well.

In a thick bottomed pan add powdered jaggery and water just enough to cover them. Once water starts boiling remove it from the fire and strain using a mesh strainer to remove impurities in the jaggery. Then bring to boil again and add the cardamom powder and the grated coconut. You will see lot of bubbles coming out.
At this stage, add the Rice flour slowly and stir it together well. Mix everything until you won’t see any white flour and it becomes smooth dough.
Keep the dough outside for one day. Next day, if the dough becomes too hard, just add about 2 tsp of water along with 2 tsp of sugar. Get it to boil, while keep stirring it. The mix should become soft again. When you handle it, it should come together as soft dough. Divide it to equal balls.
Heat a kadai with oil to deep fry these. In a greased plastic sheet, pat them down to 5 inch circular discs.

Press down the sesame seeds over the top.

Once the oil is hot, gently drop these into them.

Fry on both sides. Since the sesame seeds are just pressed over the top, they will get into the oil. If you want to avoid this, try adding to the dough.

Once they are golden brown, remove and drain the excess oil by squeezing them using a two slotted spoon and leave it on a kitchen towel. They will be soft when you remove them, will become crunchy once they are cooled.
The regular ones are normally soft and oily, but these were crunchy and no oil at all!
Preparation time: Soaking of rice: 6 hours
Preparation of dough: 30 minutes
Frying time: 11 minutes
Yield: 11
Verdict: Yummy, Crispy
Will you make it again: I will


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