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I was curious to learn about new cuisines of the world, so when I got an opportunity I choose Burmese cuisine. It is mostly unraveled cuisines according to me. My heartfelt thanks to the courageous food bloggers, who accompanied me in this journey of unraveling the Cuisine of Land of Golden Pagoda.
Here come the recipes

Baya Kayaw/Burmese Yellow Split Pea Fritters From Priya of Priyaeasyntastyrecipes.

According to Priya these fritters are quite an appetizier for a party menu or else for an evening snack. These fritters are quite easy to make and very popular in Burma. Whoever like deep fried beauties can give a trial to the splendid fritters and tastes fabulously awesome with hot chili sauce. The stalls selling these fritters are mostly owned by Indians in Myanmar … The vendor makes a cone out of an old newspaper, throws in a dozen fritters, and the customer walks off happily eating them.

Baya Kyaw – Yellow Split Pea Fritters From Priya (Yallapantula) Mitharwal of Mharo Rajasthan’s Recipes.

She says that it became a prefect snack for the tea time and she had a hard time to stop her little one from eating too much.

Deep fried vegetables in Batter/ Burmese style Bhaji from me.

Burmese Style Cucumber Salad From Kiran of Sumadhura

Kiran says that this is a simple and delicious Cucumber Salad. This is a very nice way to make the watery cucumbers tastier.

Burmese cucumber onion salad from Denny of Oh Taste n sees

Denny says that this salad Thakwarthee Kyethun Chin’ is the most basic salad in Burmese cuisine. A typical Burmese meal, consists of at least two salads, and this one features almost always as one of them. It goes well with any dish, is very easy to make and it is best when assembled just before eating.

Letho salad from Sweatha of curry leaf

According to Sweatha this salad is made with anything like veggies or meat whatever readily available along with rice or noodles and ogonori sea moss.

Burmese Baked eggplant salad/khayan dhi pope thote From Me

Ngayokekaung Chinye – Burmese-pepper-soup Denny from Oh Taste n See

Denny says that this soup is similar to south Indian rasam and warm and comforting…not too spicy though. The onions and garlic added great flavor to the soup.

Katen Joshi- Burmese Lentil Soup from Sweatha of Tasty curry leaf

According to Swetha this is simple comforting soup you can find in Burmese cusine.

Main Course
Burmese Butter & Lentil Rice / Pe Htaw Bhut Htamin From Priya of Priyaeasyntastyrecipes

 She says that this butter and lentil rice, this dish is really very easy to prepare, this rice goes for simple ingredients and the bay leaves, and cinnamon stick used in this rice turned them out more flavorful .This rice is a fabulous alternative dish to plain rice.

Thai-Burmese Curry Noodles (Khao Soi) From Sala of Veggie Belly

According her this curry noodles is a speciality of Chinese muslim traders in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their cuisine is influenced by Burmese noodle Khao Soi, also spelled Khao Suey or Khao Soy, is also eaten in Myanmar or Burma and Laos. Burmese curry noodles, made of coconut milk broth, but use more Indian influenced spices like coriander and do not have the crispy noodle topping as in thai version.

Coconut rice / burmese style /Ohn Htamin from Srividhya of Vidhu’s kitchen/

Finally I end this round with up a sweet dish Sago in coconut milk/ Burmese-thai-malyai dessert from me.


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    Love the round up Swathi.I hade never tried Burmese and thanks to you got to know that there are vegetarian dishes as well.

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