Nenthrapazham Halwa/ Plantain Fudge

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My hubby loves halwa; he is fan of Maida halwa that we get in Kerala bakeries and train stations especially at Palaghat and Kozhikode. During one of our trip to Indian store that carries stuff from Kerala, he saw a packet of halwa. With immense expectations we bought that halwa. When we had a bite later in the day, we realized that they are not halwa; it looks like halwa but supposed to be used as foot ball or soccer ball, rubbery, hard I don’t know how to put on words. It was like that. Finally it got a nice place in our garbage bin.
Then he asked whether I can make it in home, I tried two times. Once it was two day project first day it didn’t set well and next day again after half hour of reheating it become somewhat eatable. For a portion that would be available for 3 dollars, I spent 2 hours of my time and pain in my hands due to stirring continually to prevent from sticking to the pan, with additional cost of ingredients and cooking for a long time. I have no gas stove, so I got high electricity bill. Finally he told me not to try it. 
Halwa /Halva are sweet dessert made from flours like all purpose, wheat and with rice, some time with fruits and vegetables read more from here . It is famous dessert in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Greece, Croatia, Egypt, Bosnia, Somalia and Middle Eastern countries. However, each has their own variations and taste. 
In Kozhikode/Calicut, northern Kerala state is famous for its halwa. There even a street named as SM Street is the abbreviated form of Sweet Meat Street (mittayi theruvu in Malayalam). It got its name from its sweet meat shops. Red, orange, green, black whatever color you want you can get it. We call it Kozhikodan halwa (Means halwa form Kozhikode), it is famous, tasty, and sure it requires lot of work. Usually made with flour, sugar and oil and stirring continuously. Here you can see how they are making halwa in this video
After tried and failed making episode of Maida halwa, I was sitting quite for some time. Last week I saw an episode of cookery show on You Tube by Lakshmi Nair . She cooks really well. I have tried her recipes earlier and it had come out good. In that episode she is making banana halwa. Suddenly my halwa making desire rekindled with full swing. I asked my primary taste tester and photographer hubby can I make it. He told why you want to make it?
I told him two overripe plantains is sitting in kitchen table, yesterday I made plantain fritters’ I can’t make that any more. And it is not good for boiled plantain also. Finally I have seen an episode of halwa making in You Tube. 
Okay do it. I got the answer. Then I started making plantain halwa. I modified the recipe slightly (I think I can’t make anything as such, need some changes) by reducing the amount of ghee and sugar used. Added only 1 ½ tablespoon of sugar and 1 ½ tablespoon of ghee used 2 overly ripe plantains (They look very black, don’t worry only skin is not pretty fruit inside is really sweet good for these type of dishes). Final product is golden yellow color with an incredibly taste. This dish was first approved my little one then by her dad. It was consumed immediately by my taste testers and me. Try sometime; this is guilt free dessert. Here goes the recipe.

What you need

Recipe adapted from Magic oven 

Over ripe Plantains: 2 no ( Chopped finely, makes about 1 packed cup)
Sugar; 1 ½ tablespoon
Ghee/clarified butter: 1 ½ tablespoon+ 1 teaspoon for frying Cashews
Cardamom: 2 no (crushed and powdered)
Water: 1/5 cup
Cashews: 5 no (halved into two pieces)

How I made

Peel the skin of plantains and cut in the middle, remove the black seeds and chopped into fine pieces. Set aside.
Grease the sides and bottom of a pan with butter and set aside. 
Heat a small skillet and add 1 teaspoon of ghee and fry the cashews to golden brown and set aside.
Heat a thick bottomed pan and add water and sugar let it boils. When it starts boiling to this add chopped plantain pieces and let it cook for another 10 minutes.
When the mixtures becomes thick starts adding Ghee 1 teaspoon at a time and stir continuously to prevent from sticking to bottom.
Once you finished the addition of ghee, it will take about 19 minutes and halwa starts thickens and it will become ball and start leaving the sides of pan. Add crushed cardamom and mix and stir for another 1 minutes and switch off the flame.
Transfer the Halwa to buttered pan and smoothen the top with wooden spatula. Arrange cashews in the top. Keep aside for cooling. After 20 minutes with buttered knife make desire shapes and enjoy. 

Preparation time: 50 minutes ( 30 minutes for cooking and 20-30 minutes to set)
Yield: 2 serving
Verdict: Incredibly tasty
Will you make it again. Yes I will keeper recipe.

I am sending this delicious Nenthrapazham Halwa to

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  1. says

    your story was interesting 😀
    I liked the halwa..earlier I used to discard the overripe bananas..but now I can use it in making

  2. says

    Wow, Yummy halwa and great click. Looks like brought from sweet shop.
    I liked the photo steps.
    Thanks for sending the recipe to my event.

  3. says

    Such wonderful n inviting Halwa .. Although i ve never tried out one before – ur lovely clicks n recipe inspire me to try asap !!!

    – Smita

  4. says

    really delicious and perfect one da// this time u did of the bookmarked recipe.. i like to try lakshmichi’s recipe..good one na
    kozhikode halwa shops.. the colorful halwas…ver y tasty one..

  5. says

    A perfect halwa square.Good that making plantain halwa turned out to be a better experience.Thanks for taking the challenge 😀