South Indian Mixture and Mysore Pak : Diwali Treats from My Kitchen

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This year’s Deepavali /Diwali ( festival of lights) falls on November 5th. When we are young appa would get us new clothes, crackers and sweets for Deepavali/Diwali. While amma will be busy cooking in the kitchen, with her own treats for us. If you want to know 10 reasons to celebrate Diwali, take a look at this link. In my home town, Deepavali is celebrated with crackers, sweets etc. We won’t do light any diya or lamps, our lamp lilting ceremony is during Thirkarthika (another festival, with its specialty foods etc). Deepvali /Diwali is one of festival celebrated throughout India. It becomes more special when you are newly married. We call it Thala Deepavali (means first deepavali). We Indians celebrate festivals with lot of sweets, savory, new clothes, lightning, noises etc along with lots of enthusiasm. We are so lucky to have one festival every month. Some time I feel Indian here in US celebrate festivals on weekend because of their jobs and so on. Then I feel it become festival month not festival day. However, I prefer to celebrate on the day itself.
Every home has their own traditional sweets and savories items. Amma used to make Ukkarai, Mysore pak, Muruku, etc. In our house on Deepavali day amma will wake us early in the morning means around ( 5.30 A.M.) before the sun rise, we have to take a bath, (only bad thing, taking bath in cold morning October-November days) then me and sister wear new clothes and light fire crackers. Then we will have grand breakfast with all the dishes amma had prepared. In the evening event will be, wearing new clothes and visiting the temples. All fun days, now make me nostalgic. Today I don’t have amma with me, when I called appa and told him I am planning to make so and so. He was worried how I am going to make the stuffs with little one and after having small operation in my ear last Saturday.
After marriage, for Deepavali I decided to make sweet items like Mysore pak and Ukkarai and savory items like Muruku and ribbon pakoda. This time, for a change I decide to give it a try to make mixture. Mixture is crispy tea time snack or any time snack for me. I love to munch all time. Usually I buy mixture from the Indian store. Last two times, due to my bad luck, the mixture I bought had a spoiled taste. So I stopped buying them from the store, and decided to make them. Furthermore, during visit to India I bought boondi ladle. So I need an opportunity to use them. If you look from outside it is easy, simple recipe requiring a quite bit of frying. When I started making them I realized that it is not that easy. First I need to make Omapodi or sev (looks like birds nest), then  boondi and fry peanut, daila or roasted chana dal. In Kerala mixture you will see pieces of plantain chips instead of poha or rice flakes. Sometime there will be some pieces of potato chips. I try to recreate what I had during my childhood so added plantain chips. In the end I was able to make a tasty mixture. Give a try if you have some time to spend in the kitchen. I also have some omapodi and boondi, and chips that I did not use in the mixture.
I also made some Mysore pak, I followed the recipe except for reducing the amount of ghee oil mixture and increased the amount of water by ½ cup, and adding crushed cardamom. I am updating with some new pictures. For recipe take a look here.

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 Print recipe from here

What you need

Omapodi or Sev : 1 cup
Boondi: 1 cup
Fried peanuts: 3/4 cup
Fried curry leaves: 1/4 cup
Fried Daila/ Roasted chana dal: 1/4 cup
Fried plantain chips: 1/2 cup
Chili powder: 1/4 teaspoon ( ( if you want more spicier add more chili powder)
Asafetodia: 1/8 teaspoon
Salt : to taste

How I made

Make omapodi according to this recipe.

 Make Boondi according to this recipe.

Wash and pat dry the curry leaves along with the stack. Drop them into hot oil. Ensure you move away as it will sprinkle out oil. Fry for a min and remove and set aside.

Next fry peanuts for 3 minute or until it is cooked on both sides. Next fry the daila or roasted chana dal, it takes about 2 minutes. Drain them using slotted spoon and transfer to a kitchen towel to remove excess oil and set aside.

Fry plantain chips according this recipe.

Assembly of Mixture

In a wide mouth bowl, add crushed omapodi, boondi, curry leaves, plantain chips, fried peanuts, fried dalia, chili powder, turmeric powder , asafetodia and salt. In case of salt add if only needed.

Mix everything until all ingredients gets mixed and distributed uniformly. When it gets cooled store them in an airtight container.

Enjoy with tea or without.


Check the amount of salt before final mixing. Make sure to dry the curry leaves before frying in hot oil.

Preparation time: 15 minutes
Yield: 4 cups
Verdict: Yummy
Will you make it again: Sure I will

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    What delicious eats you are making Swathi! I hope you have a fun time. And you had an operation? I didn’t know – hope all is well!

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    My roommate is Indian and after seeing how good these look, I truly wish her mother would drive us down some of these fantastic treats. Maybe i need to start dropping some hints…