Bread Baking Day #34 Bread With Grains: Event Roundup

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I am happy to host bread baking day #34: Bread with grains, the event started by Zorra of Kochtopf. This is one of the events I love to be part of it. Thanks for Zorra for giving me this wonderful opportunity. As this event is going strong for more than 3 years, it was really difficult for me to choose a theme. Finally I decide to the theme as Bread baking day with grains. One of the participants was wondering what is it that I am doing, aren’t all the breads baked with grains. Answer is yes. But I wanted to bake the bread with rye,  barley,oats, cornmeal and  buckwheat, as they makes tasty special breads. I am happy that wonderful bread bakers had come up with very delicious and tasty bread with suggested grains.

Bread with Rye

Knäckebröd Crispy Swedish bread from Nicole Holten, Payette, Idaho (USA) of Bread butter and buns

She usually buys this crispy bread from the store with a fortune, for a change she made this bread with sourdough starter and turned out be lovely.

Raisin and Walnut Rye  from Natashya, Canada of Living in the Kitchen with Puppies

In her words: This is the first batch of my loaves that are made of 100% home-milled grain. Not a speck of white flour to be seen here, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the somewhat dense nutrition of the beautiful hippie loaf. They are flavored lovingly with caraway, raisins, and toasted California walnuts. And they go great with tuna salad – especially if you throw a little chopped apple into your tuna salad – then you get that whole Waldorf thing going with the walnuts… divine.

Pan de tres harinas y cuatro semillas (bread of three meals and four seeds) From Tartasacher, Spain of Mil Postres (1000 desserts)

She made wonderful bread with rye and wheat flour also with sunflower, poppy, sesame, flax seeds.

Bread with Rye  from Zorra, Andalusia, Spain of 1x umruehren bitte aka kochtopf

In her words, she was intending to make bread with barley grains, but they turned out to be spoiled, she tried with rye still her grain mill got jammed, in spite of all these hurdles she made a bread, which rewarded all her difficulties and taste great.

Home made Ciabatta  from Verena , Brazil of Mangia che te fa bene

She wanted to try ciabatta for a long time and finally she did make ciabatta with rye flour which turned out be wonderful.

Dark German Rye Roll from Nirvana, Indiana of Creating Nirvana

In her words “this bread is super flavorful. My son and daughter both loved the bead. They dipped their bread in tomato soup. I dipped mine in galopoula avgolemono or turkey soup with egg-lemon sauce. It was an awesome meal.”

Bread with Oats

Oat meal bread from  Palatable , Asia of Treat and Trick

Her words, “These bread turns out great with nutty flavor of oat, right amount of salt and lightly sweetened. It’s my hearty breakfast of the day!

Butternut Squash & Oats Bread from Priya, Paris, France of Priya’s easy N Tasty recipes 

She says this bread tastes tremendous when served along with nutella or with honey and this bread vanished within few minutes also as everyone at home enjoyed this bread while they were still warm for their snacks.

Wheat and Oats bread  from Gayathri Kumar, India of Gayathri’s cooks spot

In her words “I have been preparing this for 12 long years but only with All Purpose flour. For the sake of events I substituted a part of flour with atta( whole wheat) and oats. The result was lovely.”

Honey Oatmeal Raisin Bread  from Honeybee of USA from The bee and fruit in the kitchen

According to her, this bread recipe was given to her by her good friend Donna and its one of the best breads she has tried! Soft and slightly sweet, great reheated and fun to know you can make bread this easily!

Best Oat bread  from Curry leaf, Bangalore, India of Experiments, Emotions Experiences with food

In her words :“this is the best oatmeal bread I have ever made till now.”

Wild rice and oatmeal bread From Lien, Netherlands of Notitie van Lien 

In her words : “I wanted to make a bread with more grains than just one. I made a loaf with oat, cornmeal, and wheat flour and cooked wild rice, I loved this loaf, it has a slight sweetness from the maple syrup and the crust is nice and dark brown from that too.”

Bread with Barley

Barley bread  from Nina , Germany of Lighthouse & Seagull

In her words: “ Barley and me, that’s a special relationship. I’ve written my Bachelor-Thesis in Food Science about this grain. I pearled and milled hundreds of kilos of this grain and studied its composition. So it was about time to bake bread with this wonderful grain.”

Bread with corn meal and Rye

Morococan holiday bread from Jayasri , UK of Samayalari

According to her this loaf turned to be well. 

Bread with Buck wheat

Buckwheat Baguette filled with Smoked Salmon (using Sourdough)  from Palmira of spain  of Come conmigo EL blog de Palmira

She has the same issue like me about convincing her husband about the event as he hates buckwheat, so she decided to make delicious buckwheat bread by filling with salmon.The result was a tasty with bread crumbs brown but aerated, flavored with smoked salmon that has spread throughout the crumb and crispy speck of poppy seeds … Her husband stood there and very excited about trying!

Multigrain muffins  by Cinzia, Garda Lake, Italy of Cindystar

Since her boys doesn’t like multigrain bread she made awesome Multigrain muffins, they turned out be good.

Bread from Me

Rye Oat meal Raisin  bread

Next bread baking day event is going to taking place at Umm Mymoonah ‘s Taste of Pearl City

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    :) Swathi I can totally understand it’s getting more and more difficult to pick a theme after 3 years of this event!! Maybe it’s because I bake bread with different grains all the time that I wondered. Don’t think I mind one bit that you picked this theme, I love baking bread and it’s so fun to bake together too.
    Thanks for a wonderful event this month and a great round up!!

  2. says

    Great round up, Swathi, and thanks again for hosting!
    I know it’s gonna be more and more difficult to find a new theme, and new recipes, but I am always surprise by bloggers’ variety every new announcement!
    Happy baking, have a nice w.e.!

  3. says

    Swathi, I am always amazed by the bakers creativity! Isn´t it great to be in this wonderful baking world? This round up is so mouth watering! I´ll have to fix every recipe!
    Cheers from Brazil!