Roti Gulay/Thai Banana Roti/ Thai banana pancake

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Thai cuisine is the one I love after Indian cuisine. May be it is because of the use of coconut milk in Thai cooking which remind me about Kerala dishes. However, just like Indian dishes only a few Thai dishes are available in the restaurant outside Thailand like red curry, yellow curry green curry, mango sticky rice similar to saag paneer( spinach with cottage cheese), baingan ka bhartha(Spicy mashed eggplant), mutter paneer( Green peas with cottage cheese), Aloo gobi( potato cauliflower curry) etc at Indian restaurants. These dishes which are available at most restaurants makes an impact on the person who is not familiar with the various cuisine that these are important dishes and all the people in that country are eating these dishes every day. In contrary there are lots of beautiful dishes in each country. No country is dominated by any few dishes. There are of vast majority of dishes with its own regional difference and taste. 
I was watching my favorite cookery show on You Tube and the cook was making Thai vegetable pancake, after watching the show I thought it is an okay dish but not that great. But then my eyes got an attention on the side bar of You Tube screen where there was a link for Roti Gulay: Thai fried banana pancake, a Thai street food. I was curious and ended up watching the clip. I immediately fell in love with this dish. I love street food, as I feel it is the tastiest food after homemade dishes. I showed this clip to my hubby who is my food critic and taste tester, and he told me try it. I asked him, how can these guys can make it perfectly every time, the answer from my hubby, he is doing the same thing 7 days a week, so he become master by repeatedly making it. Okay I have to leave that story there. 
I couldn’t find any Thai banana Roti recipe in the internet ( Updated if you type as Roti Gulay then you  will be able to find the recipes) . I can find it in You Tube clips where they are making.
From the clip the dough looks similar to our partha dough and they are not spreading the dough with a roller but by beating on the well oiled surface to spread the dough which results into thin film. The thin film of dough is fried using a very flat skillet with a little bit of oil and stuffed with banana and wrapped like a purse. It is finally served with honey/ condensed milk/ nutella/ chocolate/ coconut/ sugar or whatever spread you want. It is actually a sugar rush. I love plantain and parotta so I decided to give it a try. I used plantains and mascarpone cheese as filling and all purpose flour, salt and teaspoon of sugar as outer covering. I didn’t add any extra add-ons and it still tastes great. Give it a try and you are sure to enjoy the treat that you can only get in the streets of Thailand. Try with different fruits and your favorite chocolate syrup etc. This dish won’t disappoint you any time. I don’t know how the authentic the recipe is, but this my version of the famous treat. You can add an egg for making the dough, I skipped that part. Here is my take on  the recipe.

One year ago: Ethakka Upeari/Plantain chips

Print recipe from here

What you need

All purpose flour: 1 cup + 1 teaspoon
Salt:1/4 teaspoon
Baking soda:1/8 teaspoon
Sugar:1 teaspoon ( If you want sweetness increase the sugar amount)
Oil: 3 tablespoon ( I used canola oil)
Plantain: 1 and ¼ no ( I used very ripe one)
Mascarpone cheese: 6 teaspoon
Water: ½ cup

How I made

In small bowl sift together, all purpose flour, salt, sugar and baking soda and gradually add water to form smooth dough. And add 1 tablespoon of oil to top of dough and roll the dough so that every sides of the dough gets coated with oil. Set aside for about 2 hours.
After two hours peel the skin and chop the plantains into thin rounds and set aside.
Heat a skillet or flat griddle in low heat.
Take a small ball of dough and dip in 1 tablespoon of oil and spread thin as much as possible using a roller.
When you are ready with thin sheet of dough, add 1 teaspoon of oil in hot griddle/ skillet and place the dough in skillet then add chopped plantain and mascarpone cheese in the middle. Wrap horizontally one side first, then opposite side. Then vertically one end, then opposite to that end and make a purse covering the filling. Flip and fry for another 30 seconds. It took about 1 minute to finish cooking.
Continue making the wrap until you finish the entire dough.
Then for serving first make incision horizontally and make vertical incision on each purse/wrap. If you wish you can add chocolate syrup/ condense milk or powdered sugar and serve.


Preparation time: 2 hours for resting the dough +10 minutes
Yield: 6 no
Verdict: Yummy
Will you make it again: Yes I will

This delicious dish is going to

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  1. says

    I also like Thai cuisine a lot.Not for the coconut milk, but coz I find the ingredients really fresh.We smtimes stuff coconut powder also along with bananas inside this wrap..yours looks soo tasty.

  2. says

    Wow! I enjoyed watching the video, am amazed by that man’s speed. Incredible!!!

    You have done a wonderful job, dear Swathi. Thai banana roti looks delicious. The last click is beautiful and inviting :-)

  3. says

    Banana pancake looks awesome. Street foods in any country tastes better and that’s the only way to get the real flavor of that place. Wonderful recipe and nice pictures dear.

  4. says

    Looks really yummy! I can almost taste it.
    In PF Chang(its a chinese restaurant) I had tried banana spring rolls… they were surprisingly good. Yours is a healthier version and love the addition of mascarpone!

  5. says

    Swathi – I am so impressed that you made up the dish from watching the youtube video – it does look like an amazing sugar rush!! Yum! Thanks for sharing it with the Hearth and Soul Hop!

  6. says

    I’m so happy to see you trying something different from the regular thai curries & pad thai & all that stuff!
    I don’t know how ‘thai’ this is because i have mostly seen nepali-bangladeshi people with these stalls (although the guy in video is a Thai).
    Yes, it’s an extremely soft & malleable dough from all-purpose flour, and I think you achieved that. He used oil to spread the roti & added chunks of butter to shallow-fry.
    Some other options of fillings instead of banana & jelly (he put those in the video): egg yolk, meat, chocolate like you mentioned, and mashed chana masala-kinda thing with fried crispy onion strips (for vegetarians)…you can get all these for like 10-18 Baht (less than 50 cents!!!), hehe, trust me :)
    Really I’m so happy to see this post & the video.
    I’ve been following your blog since recently, but today this one tempted me to comment :)