Vietnamese Green Papaya Salad/Gỏi đu đủ

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For a long time I was planning to make Thai green papaya salad Som tum or Som Tam, which is popular in Laos and Issan region of northeastern Thailand. Whenever I buy green papaya I end up making thoran/stir fry and curries with them. As a result I never happened to make a papaya salad. 
Green papaya salad is consumed in Thailand as Som Tam, where as in Cambodia it becomes bok l’hong  and in Vietnam it is Gỏi đu đủ.
I noted while reading that the Thai version of Som tam usually contains grated green papaya, Chili, garlic, lime, fish sauce, brined fresh water crabs ,shrimp paste, padek (fermented or pickled freshwater fish) along with yard long beans and tomatoes. Some time they are made with other unripe fruits, like mango, cucumber, yard long beans and without brined fresh water crabs and pickled freshwater fish. All the ingredients are pounds in mortar and pestle to combine the flavors. Finally green papaya salad is topped with toasted peanuts and served.
In Vietnam there are two version of green papaya salad, first version is made with thinly shredded green papaya, carrot, with fish sauce, lime juice and sugar. This is an important street food of Vietnam, where they serve this dish topped with spiced beef jerky. Other versions contain vinegar, chili, garlic, roasted peanuts and with fresh herbs like coriander leaves, Thai basil and Vietnamese mint. Thai version lacks any fresh herbs which is included in Vietnamese version.
I will appreciate any more inputs on my findings by dear readers of this blog. 
Since I don’t have any chance to taste either Thai or Vietnamese version of green papaya salad from the respective countries in the near future, I made my own version of the salad. Last week I had borrowed a book from library Quick & Easy Vietnamese: 75 Everyday Recipes by Nancie McDermott and adapted the recipe from the book. Since I am a vegetarian, adding beef jerky and fish sauce is out of question. I therefore substituted fish sauce with soy sauce. I made salad dressing with soy sauce, lime juice, sugar (I used palm sugar) and topped the salad with coriander leaves, mint leaves and roasted peanuts. It turned out be great. My little one and her father was enjoying them very much, she even started picking with her cute little hand and eating. I haven’t imagined green papaya salad has this much fan base in my house. They are going to be around for long time. I made only one serving. Next time I am going to increase the quantity. The dish is perfect combo of sour-spice-salt –sweetness it has crunchiness from papaya and peanuts. Here goes the recipe. 
Print recipe from here

What you need

Recipe adapted from  Quick & Easy Vietnamese: 75 Everyday Recipes by Nancie McDermott 

Green papaya: 1 cup (grated)
Carrots: 1 /4 cup (grated)

Soya sauce: 1 teaspoon (use fish sauce for authentic version)
Sugar: 1 teaspoon (I used palm sugar)
Chili: 1 Serrano pepper (use Thai chilies for authentic version)
Garlic: 1 no


Mint leaves: 1 tablespoon (coarsely chopped)
Roasted peanuts: 1/5 cup
Coriander leaves: 1 tablespoon (coarsely chopped)

How I made

Wash, Peel and grate the green papaya and carrot using a box grater or food processor fitted with shredder blade and set aside.
In a medium bowl make dressing using lime juice, crushed garlic and green chili (I used small motor pestle to crush them) soya sauce, sugar and set aside. 
Add crushed mint leaves into the dressing, and then add grated green papaya and carrot coat with dressing and wrapped with plastic wrap and set aside for 15 minutes.
When you are ready to serve squeeze out extra dressing and add toasted crushed peanuts and coriander leaves.

Enjoy! It real good snack.

Preparation time: 16 minutes
Yield: 1
Verdict: crunchy, tasty
Will you make it again: Yes I will

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    Beautiful and refreshing salad .I too make a veggie version but I add tabasco and a little chilli oil to replace the fish sauce.I will try your mouth watering version next time as it looks delicious.

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    Wow – that looks delicious. I love green papaya salad. Have only ever had it at a restaurant though so this is a treat to have a vegetarian recipe for one! Thanks!

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    hey that looks amazing and you know what I have big papayas hanging at my in-laws place.. I am gonna get them and try this.

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    Refreshing salad ! I make kootu with raw papaya but do not know that it can be eaten raw .I will try it as I have a papaya tree at home with lot of papayas

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    I have wanted to make this salad too Swathi! I have never tasted it myself but I’ve heard so much about it. Yours looks so fresh, vibrant and delicious!

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    Hi Swathi, thanks for contributing to Delicious Vietnam. I have eaten and made green papaya salad. I had a thai version recently but had way too much chili for me. Your pics looks good!

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    Hi there. This week’s Food on Friday is all about chillies and other spicy stuff. So it would be great if you linked this in. This is the link . Have a good week.
    PS I am following you now. If you like Carole’s Chatter it would be great if you followed me back.