Spinach Rice

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Usually my hubby comes home for lunch, yesterday he didn’t came home for lunch as he had a lunch meeting at the office. Normally in that situation I would make mixed rice, so both daughter and mother can have it with some yogurt. Yesterday for a change I made spinach rice. It is an easy breezy dish. I tasted this rice first time in one of my friend’s house in Stockholm. She had invited us for dinner and made this rice along with a few other dishes. I liked it immediately and asked her for the recipe, which she gave me.
Amma did not make too many one pot meals, except for the Y ogurt rice and tamarind rice, and occasionally coconut rice for travels. My dad usually likes his lunch with rice and one or two curries, however his daughter is sometimes so lazy to cook, and comes up with one pot meals like mixed vegetable rice, tomato rice, eggplant rice etc. This spinach rice is one more addition to that list. 
When I make this kind of rice I use cooked rice, except for biriyani or pulao and I cook the rice along with other ingredients. Making this rice is simple; sauté spinach in ghee- oil toasted cumin, green chilies, turmeric, salt and onion and then spiced it with cumin powder, garam masala powder and red chili powder. If you want to retain the green color of spinach add a pinch of sugar while cooking it. Once spinach is wilted and all the spices get incorporated, add rice and once again mix to combine the spinach, spices into the rice. You can enjoy this rice with simple yogurt or pickle, if you have time try to make some pappad (fried Indian wafers). Sure you are going to make them again. Here goes the recipe.

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What you need

Cooked rice: 4 cup ( I used Rosematta rice/ rice from Kerala)
Spinach: 6 cup (chopped into small pieces)
Onion:1 cup( finely chopped)
Cumin seeds: ½ teaspoon
Cumin powder: ½ teaspoon
Garam masala: ¼ teaspoon
Turmeric powder: ¼ teaspoon
Green chili: ¼ th of one ( I used Serrano pepper)
Chili powder: ½ teaspoon
Salt: ¾ teaspoon
Sugar: 1/8th teaspoon
Olive oil: 1 tablespoon
Ghee/ clarified butter: 1 tablespoon.

How I made

Wash the spinach in running water and chopped into finely and set aside.
Heat oil and ghee in a thick bottom pan add cumin seeds when they starts splutter add onion, green chilies and ¼ teaspoon of salt and fry until onion becomes translucent or change color it takes about 6 minutes. To this add chopped spinach, turmeric powder, sugar and rest of salt and cook for another 3 minutes or until spinach starts to wilt. 
Once spinach is cooked add cumin powder, chili powder and garam masala and fry for 2 minutes. Finally add cooked rice to spinach spice mixture and mix everything so that spices and spinach gets coated with rice for 2 minutes. Switch off the flame.

Enjoy with yogurt and a pickle.

Preparation time: 14 minutes + rice cooking time
Yield: 4 serving
Verdict: Yummy
Will you make it again: Yes I will.

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  1. says

    I grow spinach all winter long (even though we have subzero temps). This recipe will be a delicious way to use my next harvest!

  2. says

    Now I know what to do with the spinach I have in the fridge. Hope to find the spices at the foreigner’s market. Looks delicious!

  3. says

    Thanks Swathi for leaving your lovely comments on my blog. I have added myself to your followers list and look forward to many interesting recipes from you.The spinach rice makes such a perfect quick lunch and I can bet on the excellent flavors as well :)!!!

  4. says

    Nice one n looks delicious Swati ….
    Congratulations dear ur the winner of my Give Away …
    will soon update you through email …
    Take care


  5. says

    I love this recipe. The rice kernels look different than what I usually use, they look a little shorter and fatter but I bet great tasting. We eat rice a lot. The seasonings are wonderful. Thanks.

  6. says

    This is a wonderful rice dish, Swathi. I’m always looking for new rice ideas. So happy to come across it tonight and love the spinach (I need to eat more spinach!:)