No Knead 100 % whole wheat bread

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I wanted to bake no knead bread for this month bread baking day hosted by Cindystar. Nowadays I am enthusiastic to bake bread, in various form, method etc. Every day I am learning something about bread making. So I thought why can’t I try a no knead bread, and for that purpose I borrowed this book “My Bread: The Revolutionary No-Work, No-Knead Method” by Jim Lahey. While going through the pages, I saw banana leaf rolls that got me very excited, to go ahead and start to bake this bread. Further in the internet I read it is Jim lahey’s favorite bread. I have grown up with steamed rice flour parcels so using banana leaves in bread making process made me curious. 
I needed to buy a banana leaf for a festival: Karadayan Nombu this year which falls on 14th March. Legend is that a princess Savithri, bought back her husband’s life from the hand of Lord Yama (Lord of death), he has an assistant Chitragupta who tells him about the last day of the lives of human being as he gets a list when everybody is born and also for looking after the good and bad deeds committed by the human beings. She knew before their marriage that her husband would live only a year after marriage. She still got married to him because of his affection towards his blind parents. After one year of their marriage, he dies and Lord Yama is there to take is his soul from his body. She follows the lord and asked for her husband soul back, but the Lord told her that once a soul is taken from the body, I can’t be returned. But if you want I can give you 3 wishes that you want to fulfill. Savitri first asked for the prosperity, then about her in law’s kingdom back, and finally asked him that she needs children. Lord Yama without thinking agrees to all three, and then realizes that she had tricked him. In order to keep his word, Lord Yama returns her husband’s soul back to body. So on that particular day every married woman prays for the well being  and long life of her husband and unmarried girls pray for getting good husbands. On this occasion, we have to offer a sweet dish to God, which is served in banana leafs. 
I made the sweet this Monday and offered to God. I had also bought some extra banana leaves; so that I can try the no knead bread. I started preparing for bread by mixing flour, dates, yeast, banana the recipe asked for. With all my enthusiasm I made the bread next day after 20 hours of fermentation. To my surprise it turned out to be the worst bread I ever baked. It has no taste, no flavor, I can’t say whether it is a cake or bread, and if sweet or salty. I lost my precious flour, dates, yeast etc. 
My hubby told me to drop the idea of making a “no knead bread”, still I just could not give it up, so I decided to use no knead whole wheat bread recipe from King Arthur flour. I liked this recipe as it had a short fermentation time, and was also easy to put it together. I immediately tried this recipe with whole white wheat flour, and it came out great. 
This bread doesn’t have much open crumb as a long hour fermented bread, but tastes good. If you slather some butter it turns into an amazing toast. My little one did not seem to be impressed with this bread. She has an odd taste bud, and loves rye bread. My hubby’s verdict was good so I will make it again some time. This bread looks more like a quick bread. I used maple syrup as sweetener, canola oil as fat in this bread. Original recipe is recommending using, brown sugar/ honey/ corn syrup/maple syrup etc. It is barely sweetened bread; good for experimenting no knead bread. Here goes the recipe. 
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What you need

White whole wheat flour: 3cup/ 420g (use whole wheat flour if you don’t have)
Canola oil: 1/4cup / 40g
Maple syrup: 3 tablespoon/ 48g
Organic non fat dry milk: ¼ cup/ 35g
Salt: 1 ¼ teaspoon/8g
Instant yeast: 2 teaspoon/ 8g
Water: 1 cup + 2 tablespoon/ 277g
Orange Juice: 3 tablespoon/ 36g

How I made

Heavily grease an 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ loaf pan and set aside. This loaf tends to stick, so be sure to grease the pan thoroughly as it tend to stick( Mine did a little).
In a bowl of kitchen aid stand mixer with paddle attachment, combine all of the ingredients. Beat the mixture vigorously for about 3 minutes; an electric mixer set on high speed works well here. The dough will be very sticky neither pourable or kneadable . Scoop it into the prepared pan. 
Cover the pan with lightly greased plastic wrap, and let it rise for 2 hour and 25 minutes; it should just about rise to the rim of the pan, perhaps just barely cresting over the rim. While the dough is rising, preheat the oven to 350°F. 

Uncover the bread, and bake it for about 45 minutes, tenting it with aluminum foil after 20 minutes. The bread is done when it is golden brown on top, and an instant-read thermometer inserted into the center registers between 190°F and 195°F. Remove it from the oven, and after 5 minutes turn it out onto a cooling rack. Brush with melted butter, if desired; this will keep the crust soft. Cool the bread completely before cutting it.

Preparation time: 3 hours and 10 minutes
Yield: One loaf
Verdict: Yummy
Will you make it again: Yes I will

This bread is going to this month Bread baking day : 38 : No knead festival  hosted by Cindystar originally started by Zorra of kochtopf.

Yeast spotting

Cooking with seeds:  Wheat by  Suma of veggieplatter originally started by Priya of  Priya’s easy N tasty recipes.  





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  1. says

    Swathi, You have convinced me to make bread at home! your recipes are just great! I am going to buy some nice flour and I heard King Arthur’s is one of the best! Thanks for sharing your healthy cooking!

  2. says

    I am gald you were happy with the final result and you also got a thumbs-up from your husband. Loved reading about the fasting for husband’s long life and well being:)The bread looks very good :)!!!

  3. says

    Swathi, I am so sorry about your naughty banana no-knead bread :-(((
    But I do appreciate your will to bake a quick bread for us, as I can not properly call no-knead bread as you used a stand mixer and beated it for 3 minutes :-)
    so welcome to BBD#38, thanks for participating, recap will be on line in a few hours but will email you then.
    have a nice week!