Two Year Old My Princess

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Yes my little one turned two today. Even now she seems to be like a dream. I got her on a Monday afternoon around lunch time. 
She has changed me a lot, teaching me a lot of patience, laugh at her funny actions, and also gets me crazy at times. She has made our carpet very colorful with her ketchup, milk, orange juice, rice or whatever she eats. She creates havoc when she does get her way. We were not able to keep anything in the lower cupboards or drawers. Little giraffe will get hold of almost everything at her reach. She like to water the plants, but in reality she gets herself wet than watering of plants. Try to imitate what mom and dad do with her keen observation. She tries to speak occasionally mama, papa, taatha etc, showing her tummy first, then her nose, eyes and mouth when we ask her. 
She likes to play with dirt, grass and whatever she can get hold off. She climbs the stairs with her knee; now has learnt to climb down in the reverse manner. She wants to keep the things in perfect place like mommy, showing her dad to keep shoes and coat in proper place. She can make a mess but others cannot, that is her rule. In night she makes sure that mommy sleeps next to her with occasional kicks and punches. Her day starts and ends with mommy. She likes to do taste test on everything that both mom and dad eats and drinks. In stores, she likes to smile at everybody and grab their attention. If somebody looks serious then by waving hands or smiling at them will melt down their seriousness. Love to do small work even sitting in the grocery cart by trying put to veggies or fruit in the bag. She walks less and more falling and running. I can go on writing more and more about her. As a mom she makes me proud. 
Celebrating the d-day with small party and cakes I will later update the pictures. Here a bowl of Parippu Pradhaman/ Sweet lentil pudding.

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    Birthday wishes to your princess dear. So sweet…I am sure she will be proud to read this anecdote and to get you:) Prayers and best wishes to you all. Kheer looks absolutely delicious.

  2. says

    Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess! She is absolutely precious. I know you must be so proud of her, as well you should be. She makes me smile just looking at her photo. Enjoy your day with her! They grow up way too fast. :)

  3. says

    your little princess is so cute and adorable. May God give her the best things of this world. Love and blessings on her 2nd b’day.

  4. says

    Wish Nidhi a very happy birthday from me.She is very cute,love her beautiful smile.Have a wonderful day.

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    Wow Swathi, what a pretty princess you have! I am sure she took after the mother! Happy birthday to you little princess. Have a marvelous day! What a delicious way to celebrate with the sweet pudding! Cheers!!!

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    Birthday wishes to cute princess dear…she looks like a little bundle full of energy and happiness. God bless her:)

  7. says

    Your little one looks too cute and its so so so sweet to read what you have written about her :)

    Wish her a very lovely birthday :)

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    Nidhi looks so cute and got really beautiful smile.
    Many happy returns of the day to Nidhi , god bless her.

    Sweet treat looks yummy.

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    Swathi-Wishing your little Princess Nidhi a very Happy 2nd. Birthday!
    She is such a happy and beautiful little girl with a bright smile, and full of confidence. Love those cute little sandals:DDD

    Your sweet lentil pudding is something I’ve never had. Looks yummy!
    Thanks for sharing your sweet post, I really enjoyed reading it, and it put a smile on my face!

  10. says

    Happy Birthday to Nidhi..she is so cute and her dress and pic…god bless her..
    Lentil pudding sounds something new but looks so delicious and yummy!

  11. says

    Happy Birthday to Nidhi…She is supercute..
    Isn’t it amazing how becoming mom change us in every way possible..Pudding is perfect for this special occasion..

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    Your little princess reminds me of own son who turned 2 three months back- life without them is so incomplete!!! whole lots of love, cheers n blessings to your bundle of joy! Wishing her all my love and joy !

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    Birthday wishes to your beautiful princess….Children have their own way of making everyone around them happy….loved your pradaman…

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    Happy Birthday to your precious little girl! I love her smile and know that I could not keep a serious face if she smiled at me. Your description of her is lovely, you have every reason to be proud!

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    DEAR SWATHI ..You have a beautiful girl very happy .. .. .. congratulations on that little apology but operate not having written to my husband … and I’m pretty busy with a thousand kisses … MARIMI

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    Nidhi looks adorable and is such a cutie pie.Wishing her a lot of joy and happiness.Payasam looks gorgeous.Happy Birthday to her :-)

  17. says

    She sure looks like a sweet princess doesnt she? and so pretty in pink!
    happy Birthday Nidhi , ur truly a very precious darling bringing joy and smiles to ur wonderful mommy.
    The lentil pudding looks v v interesting.

  18. says

    Happy Birthday Little princess.. Swathi, she is a darling and super cute !!! May god bless her with the goodness in the world !!!

  19. says

    Your adorable daughter is just a doll! wow- you are an amazing mom if you manage to write such a great blog, and still have time with your darling! Best wishes- I too have a little one your daughter’s age!