Maladu/Dalia ladoo/ Sweetened roasted chana dal balls

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Maladu is one of the easiest sweet you can make; it doesn’t require any cooking, only cooking part that is needed is melting some ghee or clarified butter. It is one of the favorite sweets of South India. As Deepavali/ Diwali recipes are blasting everywhere in the blog world, I thought I will be out the game, if I don’t start posting some.  When I say I have to post Deepavali or Diwali recipes in the blog, my hubby will tease me and yes if you are not posting, a billion people in India will be celebrating the Diwali without any recipes, so sad, I told him, it is the age old recipes that lots of grandmas and mom are making without any cook books or blog to get the recipe from, for a long time.  These recipes are for my daughter if she interested in cooking in the future.
Maladu is important sweet in the Tamil Brahmin culture, it is an important seer bhakshanam means sweets and savories   snacks during engagement or marriage. Usually bride parents have to give seer (sweet and savories) according to their financial capabilities to the groom’s family. If they make this maladu as sweet for engagement then for marriage they will replace maladu with other laddoos and sweets. However there is no rehearsal dinner or dance for the weddings.
 I have a nostalgic connection with this dish. My mother learned this dish from a granny who was our neighbor.  One day my mom had asked her, if she could show her how to make this sweet.  She agreed immediately and came to our home, and made it for us, and she explained each and every step. I was a curious observer at that time. I have made it for Deepavali/Diwali a festival of lights for several years now.  This year Diwali is on 26th of October. If you want to read more about Deepavali/Diwali read from here.
I won’t say it is a healthy sweet, as none of sweets are really healthy, but it is delicious and melt in mouth. You simply need some powdered sugar (not the store-bought as it contains corn starch), powdered roasted chickpeas and ghee or clarified butter. If you want, you can add some extra add-ons  like ghee roasted cashew nuts, raisins and cardamom powder.
Normally we won’t count calories during festival menu. As Deepavali/Diwali is famous of crackers, and arrays of sweets and savories, I am also going to   make sweets like Mysore Pak/Gram flour fudge and Ukkarai, a Deepavalispecial sweet and some murruku. When I make these I   always miss my mom and think how much strain she took with smile on her face while making them. This is an easy sweet that    you can put together in less than 10 minutes. My princess was very happy to taste, so give it a try. Here goes the recipe.

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What you need

 Roasted chickpeas/Dalia/Pottukadala: 1 cup

Sugar: ½ cup + 2 tablespoon
Ghee/Clarified butter: ¼ cup + 2 tablespoon
Cardamom:1 no
Cashews: 7 no

How I made

In a small skillet or microwave melt the ghee. In the same pan roast the cashews and set aside.
Powder roasted chickpeas and sugar and sieve one or two time to remove the any chunks.
In bowl add both roasted chickpea flour and powdered sugar mix gradually with melted ghee and roasted cashews and crushed cardamom if using.
Try to make tight balls, if you find difficulty in making balls add more ghee.

Once you made all balls transfer to airtight container and enjoy as much as you wish.
 To a closer look

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Yield: 12no
Verdict: Yummy
Will you make it again: Yes I will

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  1. says

    Swathi,the ladoo’s are like heaven,and you are so right it will be such a shame to watch calories during the festive season. I am in for these ladoo’s anytime;)!

  2. says

    Very easy and sounds delicious. Would you mind sharing how to make the roasted chickpeas? Are they soaked or cooked before roasting? Thanks Swathi, you always bring us the most amazing Indian dishes :)

  3. says

    My roommate came home from her family’s Diwali celebration with a whole bag of these! I’m so happy to know how to make them now.