Rolled Omelet: My tribute to Julia Child

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My hubby make scrambled egg ( burji) for most of days breakfast.  He makes only with eggs earlier, now started adding onion as I like onion in my eggs. When it come omelete I am the chef. I used make with green chili and onion. Our Indian omelet will always contain onion, green chili, and sometime garam masala. Usually there are street vendors only selling omelet and black coffee are in my home town. One vendor was selling the omelet near the bus stop I used to take buss to my college. I usually watch him making it starting from cracking the egg adding onion and salt and green chili.

Indian omelet looks similar to French version of Omelet, I tried Japanese omelet too. It is on sweeter side as they add sugar and soya sauce in it.
I like Julia child, as she helped me to make croissant easily.  You will be wondering how she helped, yes I watched YouTube video which she is cooking croissant, and made accordingly it came out really great. This month is her centenary celebration. She is culinary giant who started cooking at late age. I  too learn cooking only after staying alone in Japan. I didn’t cooked any thing as child.   I adore her cooking videos as she is always shows how to cook very easy ways with tips. If some mishap happens she will also tell us how to rectify without throwing the food out. She teaches me that you can’t cook perfect every time. There will be something can go wrong. Don’t worry.
One Sunday morning as usual my hubby is taking out eggs for scrambled egg, I told him, we can make Julia’s  Omelete.  At first he was looking at me with a serious face. May be he is   thinking that   there will be lot of steps and procedure. Then I showed recipe from the cookbook Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home. He laughed immediately and told me I can do it.  
It requires egg, butter, salt and pepper. I think Julia don’t care I didn’t use whole 3 eggs she mentioned in the recipe. I used two eggs and one egg white.  We are successfully able prepare the recipe. When comes to rolling the omelet as she does, it is little tricky, still we did it.
Making omelet was easy but taking a pictures of it turned out be mega project. Since I was not able to find a plate which give nice color contrast to omelet. I did finally. Here goes the recipe.

First take out eggs from refrigerator and gather rest of ingredients.

Crack eggs in bowl, lightly beat with salt and pepper. Heat 1 tablespoon butter in skillet and add egg mixtures let cook for 1-2 minutes until every thing set. Carefully fip the other side if  cook for 1 minute(  This step in not in Juila’s recipe, but  I did). Once the egg is cooked carefully roll the omelet and transfer to the serving plate. 

Enjoy warm  with  your toast.

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Rolled Omelette

Recipe adapted from Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home.

by Swathi  @ Zesty South Indian Kitchen



  • 3 eggs: I used 2  whole eggs and 1 egg  white
  • 1/4  teaspoon salt
  • 1/8  coarse black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon butter


  • In a  bowl crack eggs and lightly beat eggs with salt and pepper and set aside.

  • In a skillet  heat 1 tablespoon butter, as butter  starts melt slightly swirl the  skillet so that butter spread uniformly.

  • To this add   egg-salt-pepper mixtures and  cook for about 1-2  minutes.

  • Then slightly give serious  short  jerk to shift the eggs to the far edge of the pan.Carefully flip the other side if  cook for 1 minute(  This step in not in Julia’s recipe, but  I did). Then omelet start  rolling  over itself( I didn’t succeed in  this step).Use a fork to nudge any stuck bits of eggs into the mass at the far end of the pan.

  • Carefully flip the omelet into plate by tilting the skillet.

  • Serve warm.  Enjoy with your morning toast.


  • You can use  filling into  this omelet

  I am linking this delicious omelet  to Hearth and Soul blog hop  112

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  1. says

    Only after I started my blog, one of cousins mentioned about Julia Child and the movie about her project…That’s when I came to know about her and am a fan of her since then…
    Delicious and yummy omlette..nicely rolled

  2. says

    My mother would separate the egg whites from yolks. Beat the egg whites to form peaks. Fold in the egg yolks and lightly blend it and then the other ingredients and then make a omelette like this one. Now, I do not have the patience to make it this way any more. This reminded me of those times.

  3. says

    My other can eat eggs everyday, just that I have cut down the amount. Worried about the cholesterol. The next time he wants eggs, will make this lovely omelet. Btw, he does not cook at home no matter how much I try asking him.

  4. says

    Swathy, I love omelets and yours reminded me of the delicious omelets served in hotel breakfasts, made by a chef in front of you with the fillings of your choice…. mmmmm…. delicious!!