Deepavali/Diwali Snacks and Sweets Round up

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 This year’s Deepavali /Diwali ( festival of lights) around corner, it is on  November 13th. When we are young appa would get us new clothes, crackers and sweets for Deepavali/Diwali. While amma will be busy cooking in the kitchen, with her own treats for us. If you want to know 10 reasons to celebrate Diwali, take a look at this link. In my home town, Deepavali is celebrated with crackers, sweets etc. We won’t do light any diya or lamps, our lamp lilting ceremony is during Thirkarthika (another festival, with its specialty foods etc).

Deepvali /Diwali is one of festival celebrated throughout India. It becomes more special when you are newly married. We call it Thala Deepavali (means first deepavali). We Indians celebrate festivals with lot of sweets, savory, new clothes, lightning, noises etc along with lots of enthusiasm. We are so lucky to have one festival every month.Here is my collection of Deepavali snacks  and Sweets.


Mullu Murkku

Pakku vada/Ribbon Pakkoda

  Parippu vada/ Lentil fritters

Deepavali Sweets

Mysore pak: Chickpea flour fudge


Rava  laddo/ Sweet Semolina balls



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