Immune Juice: A juice that helps to increase immunity

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Hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and enjoying the rest of holidays with fun. Waiting for New Year to starts with great enthusiasm. I don’t think I am keeping any resolution, usually my resolution will always remain a resolution and not even get one day will be executed.  With two kids, even finding some time to have a little exercise is not easy task.  How about you? Will you able to keep to as few of your New Year resolution. I admire those who keep and successfully finish New Year resolutions.
Here the weather is getting to a freezing point and I have to wait and see how my plants are affected by this temperature change. Usually few of them would die and some would come back every year. Last year, the winter was mild and it didn’t affect our plants. But this year freezing temperature is here during Christmas holidays. One good thing is we are staying home most of the time, and venturing outside very rarely. As a result my hubby and daughter are watching almost all the available movies in   home, Netflix, also from You Tube. His motto is if print in You Tube is good, he will watch it, even if no other person will watch that movie even in theater. One movie in our local language called Cinema Company, trust me I have to applaud the actors in that movie for their horrible acting. I think poor husband deserve a best patience person of the world award for watching this horrible movie.  But we also saw an Iranian movie “A separation”. Trust me it is a great movie; actors are living in front you not acting. If you can get a chance try to see it, it is a great movie, it got best foreign movie award at Oscar 2012. My daughter will give him company for lots of movies; I skip most of time as I am doing something else.
 We   as family always believed that juice is only made with fruits and not with any vegetables. However one day my hubby me showed this article in Daily mail newspaper online version.  This newspaper is mainly about actors and actress, where they are vacationing or not vacationing. One good thing about that newspaper they give everything in elaborate detail. In this article Kris Karr who was diagnosed with cancer ten years ago, controlled her cancer with diet. She has even written three cookbooks, and in this article, she has given a recipe for a Juice that builds immunity. I liked it as it require, green apple, romaine lettuce, cucumber, lemon and ginger. However my chef in me asked me to increase the flavor by adding little salt and black pepper.
I know apple is rich in fiber and vitamins A, B and C and also fight against Rheumatism, read more from here, cucumber is rich in vitamin B, and is 95% water so it helps in hydrating the body, cucumber is also known to contain lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol. These three lignans have a strong history of research in connection with reducing risk of several cancer types, including breast cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer and prostate cancer. Read more from here.  Lime is rich in vitamin C.  Gingerstimulates the digestive system and has for long been used as a natural treatment for colds.
I washed and cleaned cucumber, I don’t like their peels, so peeled and de-seeded them, chopped the green apple, peeled ginger piece extracted lemon juice, added salt and pepper. Put it in the blender and started blender. I was waiting for 2-3 minutes nothing happening, blades are moving but no juice. Then I decided to add water. Once water had joined the ingredient list, I was able get juice. It was really thick juice; if you want you can increase the water.
 At first I did a taste test I liked it, then asked hubby who is inspiration behind this discovery of juice, to do a taste test. He told it is delicious. For my daughter I added a 1/2 teaspoon of sugar so she was also able enjoy the juice. Try it, it is delicious, it will change your perception of vegetables in juice. 

Immune Juice
Adapted from here
Prep Time    5 minutes
Cook Time    5 minutes
Serves    2
1 green apples, quartered
1 cucumber
1.5cm piece ginger root
½ lime, peeled and quartered
4 romaine lettuce leaves
1/4 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/8 teaspoon black pepper
1 cup Water
Peel the skin of cucumber and deseed and chop it into big pieces.
Peel the skin of ginger and add all ingredients into a blender along with water. Blend it well for about 5 minutes or until you get a thick juice.
    • Enjoy with or without black pepper.

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  1. says

    lovely juice dear, interesting combination… about resolutions dear i am like u I faithfully make some and forget it the next day 😛 exercise and me are enemies… hope these are confessions not worth reading… anyways wishing you a hail and healthy new year and wishing you all that you hoped for…


  2. says

    We were for sometime getting vegetable juice in cartons. As you say, they were tasty. But they disappeared from the shelves in a short time.. for lack of buyers. Personally, I prefer the vegetables in salad form. And I can eat loads of it.

  3. says

    Love the combo. Like you mentioned I am also trying to get some vegetables in juice form, but for most of the time go without doing it because I have great vegetable eating kids in my house. My kids love any vegetable in any form, raw or cooked ( I am so happy for that). But like you said, these are very good way to get vegetables into kids and husbands who are picky eaters :)

  4. says

    Jeez.. I dont even have kids and still feel I need more time.. hmm so its only going to get more n more diff.. and the weight oly piles up :))
    Nice juice recipe, am not a juice person.. but an immunity juice seems like a good idea :) Have a great year. I have never made any resolutions so far, but looks like the coming year am going to make some :)

  5. says

    I don’t bother about resolution because it just does get through, so I go with the flow. The rain over here is massive and most of my herbs are slowly dissappearing, sad though but what to do.

    Nice juicing process and lovely de-tox.

  6. says

    Such a vibrant green color! I feel healthier just by looking at it! I used to only like fruit juices too then I tried apple with kale and apple with spinach. Very delicious if you don’t over do it with the greens. This is a another wonderful one for me to try Swathi!

  7. says

    I tried salad juice long back,apart from me none loved it, this immune green juice pulling me again to make some.Well done Swathi;

  8. says

    I’ve just discovered your blog and am so happy, I made this juice yesterday and loved it.
    The black pepper is such a great idea!