Gevulde Speculaas/Dutch Spice Pastry

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    I did transits in Amsterdam and thats about it. Hoping I can stop by soon here. I too have plenty of spices but will stick to using them for my savoury dishes. You are great with baking and the spices were great, added into this pastry.

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    Beautiful! I love the way you have decorated each slice with an almond flower :) I love using spices in everything I cook too… and cinnamon is my favorite! So Im sure this tastes fantastic…

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    U rock swathi…I admire the way u take baking challenges..that’s one quality I don’t have..I will attempt things only if I am really confident about the outcomes ! Loved ur history write up..I never liked history so don’t remember all those things but ur write up made me realise that I hated history because we were not connecting with what they tought that I love spices too the history behind it is interesting too :)

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    I like the way how you arrange the almond on the pastry… They look so pretty like flowers. Is this the way that the pastry is traditionally decorated?

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    Swathi,Thanx for dropping by dear and I will be happy if u let me know the month too dear,Is may okay to you? Thai cuisine is good dear:)

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    Omg, wat a beautiful pastry,beautiful presentation,seriously loved the way you arranged those almonds,elegant and very neat.

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    Being from Louisiana, my food has to have spice. I have discovered the amazing flavors of the spices of India and have fallen in love. This cake is beautiful and I know it must taste amazing.

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    BEautifully done, my friend!!! I love the almond design you made…so lovely. It’s dishes like this that make me want to rejoin the Daring Bakers…there’s just not enough time to do it all, though…

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    Much of my Mom’s family lives in Holland and speculaas is a common after dinner treat whenever I visit (although they usually buy from a local bakery)

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    Spices are not only delicious, but also healing and good for you, so it is good you use them throughout the day and you grind them for the freshest taste possible. Your pastry dessert is so pretty with the almonds on top like that — I would enjoy some with my coffee right now if I could. :)

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    Reading your post at 11 Am in the morning, even after my breakfast I feel hungry. A delicious post Swathi…

    I think I should be eating something now. You are going to spoil the kids like me with these recipes ;)