Pazham Boli/ Batter fried Plantain fritters

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Hope everybody had a wonderful weekend, we too had fun filled one.  Weather is good; I was finally able to plant some seeds of herbs and flowers. We will wait and see which one is coming up. Watched few good movies in weekend in my local language Malayalam, one is My Boss and Ayalum Najanum Thamil.  My Boss is a bland copy of Sandra Bullock’s movie “The Proposal”.  I like the main actor who did the role of Ryan Reynolds. They copied everything scene by scene with only small changes to situation changes. Yes if you don’t have original idea, it is easy to copy from some others hard work. It happens everywhere, movies, book, blog etc. If somebody   has some has ideas, just copy and change the name and show it off just like theirs it is easy and fun?
 Coming back to Pazham Boli, it is a batter fried plantain fritters served at  “Kuttapas Restaurant” in Todupuzha,  Idukki district in Kerala. Thodupuzha, is not a tourist destination itself, but you can say it a gateway to tourist destination  like, Munnar, Thekkadi, Vagamon, Idukki Dam, Malankara Dam, Peermadeetc. Thommankuthu.   Thodupuzha is famous for its waterfalls; I want to visit the place one day.
Pazham Boli recipe at this restaurant is almost 40 year old recipe, and the chef who is currently 76 years old, still makes this dish every day and serve his customers. The restaurant only recently got its name board, and was an unnamed shop. I have not yet got the chance to visit this shop, but did see a  video of this restaurant and the Pazham boli recipe.
We as family love plantain fritters, I make them whenever there is ripe plantains in my fruit basket. I make them into traditional Kerala snack/ pazham pori, thai fried bananas and turrón. So decide to try this version too.  I can say this version is a cousin to pazham pori, as crust in pazham pori is made with all-purpose flour and rice flour and is soft. However in this version it is made with ground rice and spilt black gram lentils/ urad dal. First I thought hey it is made with dosa batter, however later realized that here proportion of rice and lentils are different. Only less amount of urad dal is using.  Seeds like cumin seeds and sesame seeds are also added. No extra sugar is added, only salt is added and sweetness of this dish is from the plantain itself.

 I made  pazham boli like this

It has crunchy shell and soft sweet plantains; however my princess liked the traditional version. Next time onwards I will make both versions; this is a gluten free version as it has rice and lentil. For my princess I will make traditional version using all-purpose flour and rice flour. If you like a crunchy and soft in one dish then go for it.  Here comes the recipe.

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Pazham Boli/ Plantain Fritters
Recipe adapted from Kuttappas Restaurant Thodupuza.
Preparation time: 30  minutes + soaking time
Yield:  24 no.
Raw Rice: 1 cup
Urad dal/ Split black Gram: 1/8 cup
Cumin Seeds/ Jeerakam: 1 teaspoon
Sesame seeds/Ellu:  1 teaspoon
Salt: 1/4 teaspoon
Turmeric powder: 1/4 teaspoon
Oil:  1 cup
Plantains: 4 no
Water: 1/4 cup
How I made
Soak rice and urad dal for about 4 hours and then grind it into a fine paste similar to pancake batter with 1/4 cup water and set aside.
Heat oil in thick bottom pan, while oil is heating add sesame seeds, cumin seeds, turmeric and salt to the rice and lentil batter and set aside.
Peel the plantains, cut in center and again cut each piece into three pieces. Dip each piece into the batter and put it into the hot oil.
Fry until each pieces become golden brown color.  Drain them using a slotted spoon transfer to kitchen tissue to remove extra oil. Each batches takes about 3 minutes. You can fry about 4 pieces at a time.
Continue to fry until you finish entire batter and plantains.

Serve with a cup of tea or coffee.

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    looks delicious…have started following you and you have nice collection of recipes…When your free please drop into my space and will be happy if you follow me.

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    I honestly prefer making turon with plantains rather than the Filipino version of battered banana fritters called maruya. But after seeing this, I suddenly miss it. I gonna make it the next time I buy plantains…and I will add sesame and cumin seeds just like you did.

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    Quiet different snack,love anything with ethapazham The last click is wonderful,Love the presentation.
    Enjoying movies right,I did not have a chance to watch it,now after reading the post seems no need to take the trouble and spend time watching it:)

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    I’m so sorry it has taken me so long to visit your post, Swathi. It has been a very busy week! Your Batter Fried Plantain Fritters sound delicious. I have only ever had plantain once. I would love to try these fritters; they look wonderful!