Besan Ladoo/ Laddu/Sweetened chickpea/ Garbanzo flour balls

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Mother’s day is around the corner, what is your preparation for this day. I don’t think I have any; if I can get 8 hour of continuous sleep that will be a wonderful mother’s day present.  May be a dinner or lunch prepared by hubby could be wonderful. I am not sure, what I will get, I will update after mother’s day. Even in grocery store ad there is mention that don’t forget flowers for mothers. In spite of lack of sleep and all tiredness, I am happy to be a mother, as I have something look forward to everyday.
This Wednesday I started Wliton’s cake decorating class, as my princess always ask for blue cupcake or blue cake.  First day of class we did some cookie decorations and learned how to make good butter cream icing, and also got several tips for piping. Next class is going to be cake; my princess has already demanded a blue cake, so I will try to make one. For the butter cream icing I need to use 1 lb sugar, and my hubby has already told me I am not going to touch it, and I said it is okay.  I think I will give some to my neighbor and rest both mom and daughter will finish it.
I wanted to celebrate mother’s day with little sweet. So I made Besan laddu/Sweetened chickpea/ Garbanzo flour balls.  When I was a young, I was mostly carefree, didn’t worry about anything. Now as a mom, I am always afraid for my kids, if my princess or prince touches something that hurt them, or what if they fell down it will hurt them. Playing with water will make them sick. Playing in grass will have allergy. Now every word my mom uttered to me comes back and ringing in my ear.
Yesterday we were watching a (2010) Hindi movie “Thanks Maa” (meaning Thanks mom), it is about a 12 year old orphan boy( Petty theif)  who happened to save a   two day old new born from vicious attack of a street dog and his quest to find mom of the baby. Finally he finds the mother, but the circumstances have changed and not what he had thought would be the best for the child. He finally leaves the infant in orphanage with the message that he will comeback one day to take care of him. Really touching movie and if possible watch it, it discusses one of the most important social issue of child abandonment in India.
My first encounter with besan laddu was when my sister-in-law told me that she makes this sweet for Ganesh chathurthi and Deepavali. I too make a sweet dish with chickpea flour and it more like fudge and it is called Mysore Pak. I haven’t tried any beasn laddu at home. Then I happened to watch a YouTube video by a chef in Malayalam cookery channel, she used butter instead of Ghee to make it. I was inspired by this change and bought a special type of laddu beasan flour, which is coarse chickpea flour than normal besan which is fine. I discussed this recipe with my friend Suja she told me it is always better to use ghee as it can withstand higher temperature. I used the reduced amount of ghee (if you want you can increase it to three tablespoons to ¼ cup) and also reduced the amount of sugar. This recipe makes sweet laddoo, but if you like a sweeter version adds more sugar. Normal ratio of laddu besan flour:  ghee: sugar is 2: 1: 1. I used 1 ½ cup Besan /chickpea flour/Garbanzo flour for laddu, 1/3 cup ghee and ¾ cup sugar. This is a traditional sweet you can find for every occasion in Northern part of India, whether it is marriage, birthday or festivals.
On googling I found two version of besan laddu making, the first one is making it with sugar syrup and other is making it in ghee and slowly roasting the besan/ chickpea/garbanzo flour to thicken it and then add powdered sugar. I followed second method, by roasting the flour in ghee for about 12-14 minutes and then into the warm besan/chickpea/garbanzo flour,   I added powder sugar (not the Icing sugar) and crushed pistachio. Finally after mixing everything well I made small balls.  Since this recipe has reduced amount of ghee, you have to make balls tightly and then once again press balls second time to make a smooth outer surface. It is a delicious treat.  So try it yourself and let me know.
At least for the all the work without pay, mom do need a Thank You in a form of little sweet?  Hope you agree with me. 
 I made like this

Print Recipe from here
Besan Laddu/ Ladoo/ Sweetened Chickpea/Garbanzo Flour Balls
Preparation time: 25 minutes
Yield: 20 no
Besan/ Chickpea/ Garbanzo Flour: 1 1/2 cup/250g
Granulated Sugar: 3/4 cup/87g
Home made Ghee:  1/3 cup/86.25g
Pistachio:   1/3  cup ( Roasted and crushed)
Saffron:  5 no
Cardamom: 4 no
How I made
  • First roast the pistachio for about 3 minutes and  crushed into  coarse powder and set aside
  • Powder the sugar with saffron and cardamom and set aside.
  • Heat ghee in skillet and add besan/chickpea/garbanzo flour and fry first 2 minutes in medium flame and then reduce the flame to low and fry for about 13 minutes until raw smell of besan leaves and nice aroma of roasted flour develops.
  • Switch off the flame and add powder sugar, crushed pistachio and mix well when the flour is still warm.
  • Set aside for 3 minutes and once it is warm enough to touch make balls, with approximately 2 tablespoons of flour mixture. Try to make balls, even though it is little hot, otherwise it won’t be the right shape
  • Finish making balls with entire flour. Retouch the balls you made earlier once again to get smooth surface.
  • Enjoy, you can keep it in an airtight container for about 1 week at room temperature.
I am linking this delicious sweet to MLLA#59 hosted by Sizzling tastebuds Susan, the creator of this wonderful event, now it is hosted by  Lisa’s who is currently managing MLLA.


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  1. says

    This is a new technique for me! To cook first then form the balls after. I love the flavor of chickpea flour – these must be irresistible! Wishing you a Happy Mother’s Day Swathi! Enjoy your day! Thanks for all your comments.

  2. says

    I certainly hope you get that 8 hours asleep tonight! These ladoo look like a really tasty sweet. What a way to treat yourself. Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day Swathi!

  3. says

    I love the flavor of the chickpea flavor when fried. Looks very yummy.

    Wow so we will get to see some new wilton skills of you. Thanks to your princess she has motivated you to do this course. I always want to do, but some how unable to catch some time off my work. I am glad wonderful thing you have done joining.

    Happy Mothers Day & hope you get good sleep and a lovely dinner from your hubby to make your day complete.

  4. says

    Oh yes, getting 8 hours of sleep is the best Mother’s day gift. I had a good sleep because we already had pre-Mother’s day celebration yesterday. Lovely laddoo and its perfect for me to be made during festive seasons. The pistachios added make it even more interesting because the usual I have seen is cashews.

  5. says

    Wow, super delicious ladoo, I have not added pistas before. Will add and try it the next time. It is totally awesome. Thanks Swathi for sharing.
    Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day…

  6. says

    Hope you got your share of 8 hours of sleep :-)
    Belated Mother’s day wish to you!
    I have heard of the movie “Thanks Maa”!! Nice review, I will watch that soon!
    Ladoos look perfect, a tea time snack for me!!
    To me besan is a favorite ingredient, I actually try literally to use it on any fries!

  7. says

    Oh good that u took up wilton class..I always wanted to go for a piping class but no Wilton here and other classes r way too expensive ,Btw ladoo looks yumm..