Strawberry Lassi

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 Please pray for the innocent victims of today’s  killer tornado at Moore, Oklahoma. Hope God will help us to get over through this difficult time. 

Last week was really crazy week for me, I  couldn’t even  do  enough posting as I wish and also blog hopping as  I dream about it. But for my princess it was really fun weekend, as we had a trip to Galveston beach, it is about 45 miles drive from our house. We started around 2 .30 and reached there around 4.00 as we getting to traffic. She loves to play in water and she played for around 2 hours and it was really hard to make her get out of water. On the other hand, my prince doesn’t want to be in the water, but just want to play with soil. He too had his share of fun. Then we took a ferry trip to cross to Bolivar peninsula and came back on the same ferry. We were able to see some dolphins also. So it was fun trip.
Yesterday, while talking to my dad who is India, told me that it is getting really hot there. Around 113 0 F (45 0 C) , he saying if you sit in front of the cooler your front part of body feels nice, while back part is getting wet from sweat. Too hot, he always tries to take a few body baths in a day to keep him cool. All over India it is getting hotter.   This time, if you visit India, you can see lots of street vendors selling cool drinks, ice cream along sides of the roads. People stop by and enjoy the drinks made of yogurt or fruits to cool down a little and also escape from harshness of sun.  So when I had a box of strawberry in the refrigerator, I thought why I don’t make lassi with it. If you are not familiar with lassi, it is a popular and traditional yogurt-based drink which originated in the Punjabregion. Traditionally it is made by blending yogurt with water and spices. Sometimes it is made with fruit too. Especially mango lassi is the most famous both in India and outside. I have a mango lassi recipe in my blog.
I used 16 oz box of strawberries (around 25 no), 1 cup of 2 % homemade yogurt, 2 tablespoon of sugar and 1 cup of water. It is mildly sweet; and if you want increase the sugar adds 4 tablespoons.  I spiced them with green cardamom, and this recipe makes around 3 cups of lassi, good enough for 2 serving. My family enjoyed this lassi a lot. Even my prince wants to drink lassi; and he makes a big noise if dad was slow in giving him the next spoonful. It is really funny, every time he drinks fast and waiting for next spoon if dad becomes slow in serving him, he makes “na” “na” with his little finger pointing towards the glass.
Nowadays, sweet strawberries are available in market, grab a 16 oz box and use plain yogurt.  In my opinion don’t use vanilla yogurt if you use green cardamom as both give different aroma and flavor. Further green cardamom gives the Indian touch. So try it yourself, it is also really good to start a day as a breakfast drink.  On a quick run on calorie counter, I found that this drink is around 189 calories.
If you skip sugar and use agave nectar you can reduce the calories (170) and also using fat free yogurt will also reduce the calories. Try it you will love it.
Here comes the recipe. 

Print recipe from here
Strawberry Lassi  

This fresh and healthy yogurt based drink made with fresh strawberries, which is traditional to state of Punjab, India.
Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Total time: 10 minute
Serves 2
16.oz chopped fresh strawberries,
cup 2% yogurt,  
1 cup water,
1/2 teaspoon cardamom ,  
2 tablespoon Sugar .
 Instructions: Hull the strawberries and cut it into big chunks, add yogurt, sugar, water and a teaspoon of cardamom in a blender Jar. Blend well for about 5 minutes or until everything mixed to the consistency you want. Enjoy with or without few fresh strawberries.

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  1. says

    Hope you had a gala time at the beach!!
    Lassi looks very inviting and lovely!
    Also it is very kind of you to mention the Tornado Victim’s in your post! My heart goes out to their families and friends.

  2. says

    Yup! it is hot in India now, but I love when the monsoon rains kick in towards the end of the month. I hope it happens. The strawberry lassi is very tasty thing to drink on a warm day. Looks great.

  3. says

    I’m praying my friend undoubtedly :(
    On a nicer note, your drink looks refreshing and delicious!

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. says

    It’s totally alright if you don’t post as often as you planned/wanted. Your lovely strawberry lassi makes it up to us. 😉 I’m glad to hear you and your kids had a great time at the beach. To me, that’s far more important than blogging. 😉 Have a wonderful weekend.