10 Delicious Smoothie with Veggies

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After trying veggies in my smoothie I got addicted and started looking for various tasty combinations  for smoothie with veggies. If you are  veggie lover or hater, these smoothies going to be wonderful experience. 

Veggies in Smoothies from my fellow food bloggers friends.

Sweet Green Goddess from Blend

  Lemon and Kale Ice from Livlifetoo

 Beet smoothie from Ricki Heller

Carrot cake Smoothie from Ricki Heller

Grrovy Green Smoothie from Ricki Heller

 Apple Pie Smoothie from Ricki Heller

Coconut Mango Carrot Smoothie from Noble pig 


 Berry spinach Protein Smoothie from the Lemon bowl


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  1. says

    Hi Swathi, such a great line of smoothies featured. My favorite is the Green Goddess, and the Coconut Mango Carrot! They are all so fresh, tasty, and refreshing!

    Thank you for your kind and caring words on my blog~