My Legume Love Affair #63 is coming to Zesty South Indian Kitchen and Giveaway

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                                                                     (Logo curtsey: Susan) 
Lentils and beans are a part and parcel of Indian cooking; if you are vegetarian, legumes are the major source of protein contributing ingredients in your diet.  If you are savory person, lentils make curries, stew, soup, salad. On the other hand if you are sweet person, they can be transformed into sweet treats like puddings etc. I always admired My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) event founded by Susan, and now conducted by Lisa. When I got opportunity and contribute to his event I grabbed and thus MLLA is coming here in Zesty South Indian Kitchen. 

Coming to the rules of MLLA#63
Cook any legume/lentils/beans based dish; make sure legumes are star ingredient. You can cook any lentils, any fresh or dried beans, soy beans and their derivatives like tofu, garbanzo beans / chickpeas and their derivatives like besan, tamarind, fenugreek, carob and peanuts etc.
Only Vegetarian and Vegan entries are accepted. (No Eggs are allowed). Only one entry per blogger/participant.
Use of the below MLLA logo is appreciated as it spreads the word about this event, but  is not mandatory.

Your MLLA post should include “My Legume Love Affair #63” and contain links to this announcement post, Lisa’s MLLA information page and to Susan’s MLLA page as well.

Send your details – Name, Recipe URL, Location (A MUST) and Photo (any size)with a subject line of ‘MLLA’ to favoriterecipes12(at)gmail(dot)com.

Non-bloggers can also participate by sending in their recipes with the details mentioned above to the same email address. Such entries too are qualified to win the random drawing.

The deadline for entries is September 30th, 2013. The round-up will be posted in the first week of October.

Now coming to give away with this event,

Hurst Beans is sponsoring all US residents to have a chance to win a 6-pack assortment of products by the N.K. Hurst Company.
Susan is graciously sponsoring a prize to be given to one participant (from all over the world) by a drawing, as she has been doing, at her own expense. She is offering a copy of Tiny Food Party!: Bite-Size Recipes for Miniature Meals.
So why wait, let us start cooking!!!!


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