Birthday Girl

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Birthday Girl

My Princess turned 5 year old today. Times flies, it is like yesterday, on a Monday afternoon that I got her in my hand. She is celebrating her 5th birthday. Birthday girl is so happy planning her birthday almost a few months.
Every birthday that she attends, she is happy to sings happy birthday song in front of everybody, thinking they all will come and sings the happy birthday song for her. Her favorite color is blue; she wants a blue cake with Hello Kitty in it trying my best to create what is wanted. She is a chatterbox now. She talks a lot about the happening in her school while coming back in the car.
One morning when I was taking her to school, she told me Nidhi is small, so mama drives the car. When Nidhi is big, Nidhi will drive blue car and baby (her brother) will sit in the front and mama will sit in back. She even lets her papa to sit in the front not me. Her role model is Daniel tiger, if he eats strawberry pancake then she wants that. If he goes to doctor and takes vaccination then she is also ready with that part.
Cute little princess love to help mama in cooking, especially kneading the bread dough. She loves to eat curry as soupa. She crazy about Hello kitty, she wants everything “Hello kitty”. She is an artist, who paints only modern art and not likes to follow any rules, no straight lines or painting within the figures. But is very good in using scissor, she even cut her hair with scissor one day around 10.30 P.M and showed me her hair work. I have to do my best to make it little better looking later. She loves her grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles and nieces but only okay with nephew as he is only 6 month ahead of her.
She loves to pray to God both at the temple as well as in our house. If you teach her something that you have to do while praying to God, she will make sure we have to do that next time. If not mama you didn’t sing that song or mama you have to do that. When she is in naughty mood, it is a terror, she makes you crazy next moments she will comes to me and say Mama I love you. Hearing this everything whatever she done will get vanished in a second.

Thus my precious, cutie pie turned 5 today. Wishing all the happiness in the world to her and a bright future ahead, I will update my creation of her birthday cake later.


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