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As you all know, my princess started her school last Monday and my prince is going to start his preschool on September 2nd. I am excited and scared at the same page. It is a new school for her and she has to make the adjustments. She is a really picky eater but likes fruits and vegetables a lot. Since her school time is from 8.30 AM to 3.30 PM packing her lunch box and snacks is really challenging. It was really head pinching job for me. I wanted a back to school healthy snacks, and while grocery shopping in the Wal-Mart I found the Del Monte’s Fruit Burst Squeezers and Fruit cups (mango slices). They are really helpful.
During summer her breakfast was strawberry and whipped cream or blueberry whippped cream. If not then it was smoothie made with berries. Now she has to wake up around 7.00 in the morning, brush the teeth, and have a breakfast mostly a cup of milk and slice of bread then get ready for school. I drop her at school around 8.15. She will have snack time around 10.00 A.M and lunch around 12.00 P.M. For snack I pack some fruit snacks, pineapple, grapes or crackers or fruit burst squeezers or fruit cups. She like the strawberry Fruit burst squeezers a lot, no wonder she loves strawberries. I too am happy that it has no sugar added. We always purchase tomato ketchup without high fructose corn syrup. Also I give her apple juice only once a day as it has sugar in it. I make the Ice-cream and cookies at home as I am afraid of sugar content in the store bought ones.

After school I pick her up around 3.35P.M. While in the car I ask her what have you studied today. Did you eat rice and soup, fruits, crackers or drink fruit burst squeezers? One good thing is that my daughter always says yes to everything. May be thinking that mama is driving so don’t give her any troubles. But real picture you get only after coming home and opening her lunch box. Some days when she finishes everything I am really happy. Otherwise when I ask her why you didn’t eat it? Her answer will be simply I don’t like it. Now I realize the pain which my mom used to take me to pack the lunch boxes for me.

During my childhood, we two sister will be coming back from the school so hungry like little tigers; that is what my mom used to say. After coming home, our next job is to check all the kitchen cabinets for goodies to eat. She usually makes something to eat and keep it in the kitchen counter; if not we will be scanning the entire boxes where she used to keep cookies, little desserts, fruits etc. After that initial search and find, we will be happy to fill our little stomach. Then after doing homework it is time for my dad to come back from work, and he also buys goodies for us. Once he came home, we will check his backpack. Even now we expect something when he goes out. Now his grandkids are doing our job, it becomes a family tradition.

Mom always made sure we eat some rice or wheat and lentils for our lunch and dinner; I don’t think she knew about the classification of food into carbohydrate and protein at that time. But actually it was a mix of carbohydrates and protein in our meal. Now I am trying to include carbohydrates and protein in their meal, in the form of flatbread, whole wheat bread, pasta, rice and lentils, eggs or fish. Kids like egg white, they are not found of yolk they have spicy taste buds eat spicy curries with eggs. My princess likes the salad made by her papa. He makes salad with carrot, lettuce and bell pepper. If you have raspberry vinaigrette or roasted bell pepper vinaigrette she will eat without any problems. However little guy eats single ingredient salad that with red bell pepper only.

Every night I ask her what you want tomorrow. She may say rice and soup or bread with peanut butter, pineapple, blueberries or grapes or crackers and cheese. I include Del Monte fruit burst squeezers or fruit cups too depending upon her menu suggestion. History repeats and I am amazed. When mom asks what you want for lunch we suggest certain things. Every time when she tells me I get flashback of memories.
Here is her one day of school lunch box with snack and lunch.

Next time when you shop at Wal-Mart, check there is there a free back to school photo offer from the Wal-Mart Print Shop. For this you need to bring in a photo (no copyrighted photos, like school pictures, will be eligible for the free print) of your kid(s) or you can upload and use one from your phone or SD card while in store. The Walmart Print Shop will then make your picture into a 5”x7” print with a Back to School border. Your actual picture will be 4”x6”. When you receive your picture after it is printed you should receive a coupon for $1 off Del Monte products in the photo envelope. This is for the purchase of (2) Del Monte 4-pack Fruit Cups or (2) Fruit Burst Squeezers (again offer is available from 8/1 to 9/13 while supplies last). This offer is running at SELECT Walmart Super Store


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    I also give pineapple packs and juices to kids for lunch, they are big so no snack time for them but after coming from school they take 30 minutes to eat and then home work. she is just adorable princess just like her mom.
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