Back to School Teacher’s Gift

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My little Princess is starting her Kindergarten today, she is going to a new school. Only this weekend we finish our shopping for the school. I thought I would give a gift to her Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Johnson. We had gone to meet her on this Thursday for the first parent – teacher’s meet. She told us that she has 19 years of teaching experience in teaching kindergarteners.

In fact this was the second time we had met Mrs. Johnson, the first time was a few months ago, we had gone to the school seeking admission. Thinking about her, I started buying back to school teacher’s gift on a trip to Office Depot last Monday.

We both husband and wife are excited as well as scared as our little girl is starting her first step in her life. When I started my school mom came to drop me. She waited on the school campus the whole morning thinking that I am going to cry. If I cry she can come and pacify me as she is nearby. Luckily I didn’t cry on that day. A few of my classmates were crying at their highest volume. Every school year Appa would buys new clothes, and an umbrella, as every time the school opens in June there will be raining as it is monsoon in Kerala, India. It was really fun to going to school with new dress and get wet in the rain. Now we are the parents buying clothes, books, crayons, ruler, pencils, erasers etc for our kids. She wants Hello kitty backpack and lunch box. My little guy got spider man backpack and lunch box. He is going to starts his pre-school from 2nd of September.
I always think teacher’s can inspire the kids; yes they can influence the kids a lot. I learned the alphabets from our family friend who is a teacher. Still I remember him and respect him, and the last time I visited Kerala, I met him in person. Then I have another teacher in Bachelor Science who inspired me to take science as my major very seriously. I was little upset as not getting into school of medicine, and I was not paying attention to zoology major which I took at that time. She told me think everybody only become doctors, then who would be there to study the rest of science. You need to concentrate on the studies if you want to make a career out of it. Because of her I studied well and got into Master of Science. Then during my MS days I met another teacher Dr. Radhakrishnan and was amazed to see his talent. He is an expert in fish parasitology, and trust me he has a way to make even a boring subject enthralling, and to make sure we understood the basics. He makes the class interesting with his little sub stories, and students would look forward to his class every day. He influenced me to study further and to get my PhD in Microbiology.
When I become teacher, I tried to include his methods of teaching into my style. One of my students in Utah State Valley University told me he likes my class and asked me if I was going to teach the next year. I told him ‘no’ as we are planning to move to Houston, Texas.

I hope that Mrs. Johnson will be one of the teachers who will inspire my little princess to succeed in her life. I want my little princess to learn the right from wrong, to be compassionate, to always be kind to other, to work hard to succeed, and to truly believe in herself.

As a token of love from us we bought “Back to School” teacher’s gift, which include a pack of Sharpie as a teacher need most, two pack of pens (uniball and Papermate). I like paper mate’s ink joy pen love it. One day I was getting my kids into our car to go to my daughter’s preschool, a guy stopped at my door and gave me a sample of pen Papermate’s Ink Joy. Little curious at first and start writing with it, trust me I fell in love with them.

Among the gift is also a ruler that most teachers need to teach kids about measurement. Along with this, I included Post- it stickers which come in handy when ever we need to make notes. A reusable coffee-to-go-mug as caffeine is well needed for handling these high energy kindergarteners. And a small Sterilite Storage Crate which will be helpful to store small thing. I put all the items in small storage crate and tie with gift wrap. I also include a thank you card signed by my daughter. In our Indian customs, we start the entire good thing with sweets and so included some Kit-Kat also. Hope she will like the gifts items.

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