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  1. Congrats on that superb Mamma life Swathi…
    Hey,this is irresistible…It’s completely nostalgic to me.I virtually am trying to grab from the screen..SO perfect they look…Yummy..
    Keep rocking !

  2. Glad to see you back with your posts Swathi! It’s definitely easier to handle the second child, but with 2 kids it does get very hectic..I am happy that you are able to take out time for blogging even in this stage.

    Yummy undas

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your little prince! I’m sure you’re tired, but quite happy as well. Can just read that in your post! 🙂 I’ve never had these undan puri before. They look wonderful – like a little bite of sweetness! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Welcome back Swathi…hope u r coping up with all sleepless nights and new schedule..yummy snack..its been so long i had these 🙂

  5. I just love these little treats, Swathi! Congratulations on the new baby, I hope you get better nights’ sleep soon. It’s great to see you back!

  6. Congratulations!! I am so happy that your beautiful family is expanding and healthy! I don’t know how we mothers manage on no sleep for so long, but some how we seem to (and go a little crazy at the same time 🙂 ). Good luck with everything!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  7. These look so crunchy and delicious Swathi! Would love some with a cup of tea! I’m glad you are all doing well and baby is sleeping longer! Good to have you back.

  8. Swathi welcome back. This looks super delicious and healthy.

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    Cook Eat Delicious Desserts Event- Wholesome Desserts with no refined sugar or flours

  9. Hi Swathi, So glad to see you back in the “blogging world”…sorry, that I have not commenting until now, I’m just so super tired running back-and-forth every day helping my daughter, and sometimes spending the night, and to come home to my kitties, with my cat Prince at “death’s door” (still hanging on, just so blind now)

    Not easy with a newborn, but the second is always easier, especially when it’s a boy…that’s how my two are, the boy is the younger and was easier (of course, now they’re adults with young ones of their own)

    So glad that you are being able to sleep a little longer, but in a few months your little prince will sleep through the entire night, and will be easier for you! Can’t believe he is already 2 months now. Bless his little heart!

    I love your yummy wheat flour balls, especially with the added banana, and cardamom. Anything fried is my “weakness”…this is such a special treat, I could eat about 3 right now with a nice cup of hot tea!
    Take care my dear friend; fondly, thinking of you!

  10. So good to have you back!! It must be tough to blog with 2 wee ones!!! I know I could easily become a new fan of these yummy treats…they look irresistible!

  11. Hola me llamo Luisa y acabo de hacerme seguidora de tu blog, no conocia la cocina india y me a parecido muy interesante,provare algo y te contare, besos.

  12. Hi Swathi… I tried these over my weekend for tea and my dad immediately sprang up – isn’t this the undapori you get from thattukadas??? 🙂 Thank you so much for the nostalgia… I didn’t have to add any extra water for the dough as the jaggery water was enough. This is definitely going to be made any time I feel like… Keep up the good work… Hopefully, your son will get better as time passes, just like my small 1… after sometime, you will end up complaining about the elder one as they will do anything to get your attention! 🙂

    • Rafeeda, glad you liked it, thanks for letting me know. Yes they are addictive.
      You are right about the older one as she is does all the messy work to get her attention.