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  1. Sharu Singh says

    Add me to this group.

    • Swathi says

      Yes you can join the group, please send your facebook or google plus id in the mail

  2. Mayte says

    Buenos días Swathi, llego a este grupo por mi curiosidad por la cocina de India, me encanta el proyecto que tienes en marcha y me gustaría participar a partir del mes póximo. Te mando un mail para que me incluyas en el grupo. Gracias .
    Un saludo y besos

  3. nandoo says

    Would love to participate. Pls let me know the procedure. Mailing you right now.

  4. Happys Cook says

    Swathi, I am interested to join... Mailing u now...

  5. Rosalía de la Rosa says

    Buenos días Swathi, llego a este grupo, por mi amiga Marisa de Thermofan, me encanta el proyecto que tienes en marcha y me gustaría participar a partir del mes póximo.
    Te mando un mail para que me incluyas en el grupo.
    Gracias .

  6. Nilu A says

    Hi Swathi.. Recieved your invitation dear.. Please let me know how to join..Waiting eagerly

  7. Sapana Behl says

    Hi ! Swathi I want to join your group ! Please tell me the procedure.

  8. Priya Kumar says

    Hi Swathi, I do not see my name added to the list. Can you please add me? what is the challenge for the month of April?

  9. G.Pavani says

    Thanks Swathi for adding me..

  10. Shweta says

    hi, I am interested in joining in. Can you please include me

  11. Priya Kumar says

    Dear Swathi, I am not added to the group either. I have not seen the Jan and Feb challenges. Can you please add me?

  12. Marisa says

    Dear Swathi, I've just seen that I'm not in the list of the group. Thanks. Marisa

  13. Savitha Ganesan says

    Hi Swathi,
    Nice to see your brain child running successfully.
    I would like to join your group.
    WAt are the rules to join this group.Kindly convey.

  14. namita says

    Hi Swathi,
    I am Namita, a novice in the world of blogging. I got to know about Baking Partners and would like to join it. I love baking and am still a learner. Please update me. My blog It is five months old. i have a lot to learn still.
    thanks and good wishes,

  15. Sherin Deepu says

    Luv it. Count me in. I am emailing u straight away.


  16. Neela Rufus says

    Love to join Swathi 🙂

    • Swathi Iyer says

      send me an e-mail.

  17. Now Serving says

    Would love to join this fun group Swati, esp because I am into baking a lot nowadays 🙂

  18. Usha says

    Thanks for adding me to the group! Looking forward to baking awesome bakes thru this group

  19. Elisabeth says

    Swathi,such a great group of baking food bloggers! for me, sorry for backing off; as I don't do a whole lot of cake baking...I have Lora to do all that. Can't wait to see what you ladies come up with for the first challenge!

  20. Vidhya Viju Govind says

    Thank u Swathi - for counting me into the group & following my space too....
    i love baking - i bake a lot and am sure this journey will sure be fun. Guess what i have posted it in the bloggers group here in uae .....lets hope the group grows 🙂

  21. Achu says

    Very happy to b part of very wonderful team 🙂 Exciting to look forward 🙂 Nice teams 🙂 Good luck with everyone 🙂

  22. Kaveri Venkatesh says

    Waiting to see all the delicious bakes...hope to join you guys soon

  23. Hamaree Rasoi says

    It was only yesterday I could see your Fb message as it was sitting quietly in the "other's folder" not in my message box 🙁
    Anyway looking forward to see lots of baking stuff from you girls ..

  24. Tina (PinayInTexas) says

    Glad to be part of this group! Can't wait for our first event!

  25. Reeni says

    I'm so excited Swathi! Thanks again for including me as a partner! I will have my post up later tonight!

  26. Sanoli Ghosh says

    Sounds great and funny event. Expecting lots of new varieties. Keep rocking. Would love to join the group, pls let me know.

  27. Suja Manoj says

    Happy to be part of the baking partners,keep rocking dear!

  28. Vimitha Anand says

    Great one. Would love to join but not sure if I can be regular. Can I join even then

  29. PrathibhaSreejith says

    Hi Swathi, That sounds like a great and fun-ful event. Would love to join the group, pls lemme know 🙂

  30. Devi says

    I'm not a big baking person.. but would love to know new recipes that I can try at home 🙂 looking forward to all posts!

  31. Achu says

    Please include me in ur baking announcement am interested in it 🙂 Am archana...count me in 🙂


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