Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate 3

I don’t know why 2015 started with rough start for us; yes we are taking turns to become sick. Last Thursday, my little guy was sick and had fever. On the top he has bad allergy from Nutella/ Chocolate hazelnut spread in both hands. As he and his sister finished half of a small bottle […]

Coconut ladoo

Coconut laddoo 2

Some sweets have nostalgic effect on you. Yes most of Indian sweets are like that still those with coconut takes first place in my heart. This coconut ladoo is one such recipe. I have seen my grandma make it, but had never tried to make it till now. Finally this week I made this coconut […]

Bat Bot /Moroccan Bread and a Book Review

bat bot 2

Grandmas are best cook in the world; they don’t have any fancy pastry training, chef training. Still they make best dishes. They don’t worry about calories; substitutions still makes healthy delicious food. Yes my Grandma was a best cook. When she comes to visit us, mom will clear the kitchen for her so that she […]

Mysore Bonda

mysore bonda 1

Nature comes back to her original form; it is sunny day today even though it is cold. Last week it is really foggy in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon, hard to get a glimpse of sun. When climate is really nice sipping tea or coffee with Mysore bonda is awesome. If you like […]

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